Welcome to the home page of the Light Rail Transit Committee, formally designated as Committee AP075 of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). TRB is an arm of the National Academies of Science. The committee comprises transit professionals engaged in development, operation, and evaluation of light rail transit systems, and the purpose of this site is to facilitate the exchange of information among committee members. Here you will find a full annotated bibliography of all the published research the committee has been involved in. We also will post here calls for new research.

As we expand this site, we hope that it will assist you in your light rail transit responsibilities. We welcome your comments and suggestions. To become a friend of the group, please sign up using MyTRB. We now have a LinkedIn group! (Open to members and friends of the committee only.)

Official Scope

This committee is concerned with the development and operation of light rail transit systems. All functional aspects of light rail transit are considered, including: management, planning, finance, design, construction, technology, labor, safety, performance, intermodal coordination, joint development and evaluation.

The committee's latest Triennial Strategic Plan (adopted May 2012) is available here.


June 6, 2023

MID-YEAR MEETING: This will take place in Pittsburgh on Saturday, June 10 at 4pm in Room 303-305 of the David L Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA ahead of the APTA Rail Conference.  Click for agenda.

January 17, 2023

ANNUAL MEETING RECAP: Minutes and presentations from the 2023 Annual Meeting are here.

MID-YEAR MEETING: This will take place in Pittsburgh on Saturday, June 10 ahead of the APTA Rail Conference.  Exact time and location will be provided when known.

NEW LEADERSHIP:  The leadership positions are now filled.  Please see members page.

TWITTER ACCOUNT: Due to revised TRB policies, the committee cannot have a TRB-associated Twitter account.  A new personal account has been established to help disseminate information relevant to the committee that will be administered by communications coordinator, Brent Boyd (@LRTBrent).

CALL FOR PAPERS: Please click here for draft call for papers for 2024.  A formal call for papers will be published on TRB web site in May.

TRB Annual Conference, 2023






Full TRB program can be found here: https://annualmeeting.mytrb.org/OnlineProgram/Browse